Shepherd includes sound design by artists who have greatly expanded its personality.

Below, some external effects have been used, but all sounds are included with Shepherd (Edward Rogers and Container also used external percussion and one-off sounds, but they should be easy to pick out).
Tracks are copyright 2016 of each respective artist.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

(KAS sounds)

Kaitlyn’s work is anthropomorphized circuitry that speaks with purpose and in complete sentences. It hits complexities and densities that feel unsustainable, but always keeps a clear voice and direction and idea. Enjoy the ride. Favorites include “Sundry” and “Arthropoda“.




(ZK sounds)

ZAVOLOKA captures the brain’s equivalent of the mechanics of breathing: washing over you and sweeping you along, but with too much energy and detail to ever slip from your focus. It’s the sensation of actively noticing and enjoying your own returned breathing after you’ve just gotten over a cold, except the feeling ZAVOLOKA builds doesn’t ever fade. A favorite album is “Vedana“.



Edward Rogers

(ER sounds)

Edward Rogers is an acclaimed composer and sound-designer for film and television. He builds dramatic soundscapes that can make you squint your ears to figure out if you’re just imagining hearing something or not, but you can’t get comfortable in your squint: one moment his world is thin and gentle and the next it’s snarling and expansive. His final mixes always have some presence not found in any of the separate layers. Favorites include “Bloodline” (Netflix), “Warehouse 13” (SyFy) and “NYPD Blue” (ABC).

“Outer Reach”

Outer Reach


(Container sounds)

When intense noise and disorganization sound musical, it feels like something that isn’t supposed to happen. Like you’ve stumbled upon some wonderful, passing, private, accidental moment. Container captures a huge number of those moments, with an evolving beat that guides you on your trip. On to the next moment… Some favorites are “Glaze“, “Slush“, and “Eject“.