It’s hard to imagine a generation of musicians inspired by re-makes of the instruments and sounds that the previous generation is now nostalgic for. Or we’d all still be playing the harpsichord. Or whatever came before the harpsichord.

No samples. No wavetables. Just synthesis. Period.

And sub-period mixing. Sub period.


Sub-Period Mixing

Sub-period mixing allows component waveforms to alternate across shorter than wavelength order time segments.

These three animations are simple examples of the sub-period mixing of two oscillators and how that mixing can be modulated in real time. You’ll also start to hear how it can sound (the important part).

Listen to Some Shepherd Sounds

Sounds have no effects, no reverb, no distortion, no fast arpeggiators, no extra live or automated parameter changes, no guy playing a guitar attached to a stand, no backing grooves, no drum loops, and nothing famous is being played.

You can get all that stuff (and good versions of it) elsewhere. This audio just demonstrates some of Shepherd's presets, with a focus on texture and movement.
Also listen to the included sound-design by some great artists.


Purchase Activation Code ($65)
Without an activation code, Shepherd will work for 30 minutes before needing to be reloaded. Saving and loading sounds are also disabled.